Chair of Modern Japanese Studies I

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Prof. Dr. Andrea Germer

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The Chair of Modern Japanese Studies I is affiliated with The Women's & Gender Research Network NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia) and combines research and teaching in cultural studies and gender studies. Historical studies of culture, media and gender as well as contemporary issues in sexualities and popular culture provide innovative avenues to understanding Japan’s cultural, societal and socio-economic development and interdependencies as well as its role in Asia and the world. The following thematic clusters envelop the main foci in our research and teaching: 20th century print media, photography and the modernisation of vision; visual propaganda in World War II; (popular) culture and gender; global circulations: anime and manga; sexual minorities in Japan/Asia.

Team members

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Anna-Lena von Garnier M.A.

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Katharina Hülsmann M.A.

Dr. Kazuyoshi Kawasaka

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Ami Kobayashi M.A.

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Jasmin Rückert M.A.

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Dr. Elisabeth Scherer

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